January Hardy Annual Flowers and Hoophouse Update – Cut Flower Farm

A quick look at the hardy annual flowers seedlings inside the hoophouse! Just ignore all the duct tape – we had a pretty bad wind storm a few weeks ago. Lol.
A closer look at some of the more tightly spaced plants in the hoophouse.
Scabiosa seedlings.
Nigella love in a mist seedlings
English daisy seedlings.
Anemone coronaria are starting to get bigger.
I really should have separated the verbascum seedlings better. The germination rate for these is always excellent.
My carnation seedlings were sown way too closely also. I guess that’s a lesson learned.
Much to my surprise, the calendula seedlings are still alive!
Godetia seedlings are starting to get taller.
The sweet pea seedlings are starting to come up. I may have planted these too thickly. Hopefully, that won’t be an issue.
Agrostemma seedlings
Feverfew seedlings
The canterbury bells are looking really bad, but they’re still alive.
The snapdragon seedlings are still tiny.
A blurry picture of the stock flowers.
Ugh! The photo of the Icelandic poppies is blurry, too. Sorry!
The ranunculus are finally starting to get some size, as well.

3 thoughts on “January Hardy Annual Flowers and Hoophouse Update – Cut Flower Farm

  1. Your hoop house is awesome!! How big is it? I am a backyard cut flower grower. Ive been following you for about a year. You’re my mentor!!

    1. Thanks! It is about 40 ft x 12 ft. It basically takes up my entire backyard. LOL! I’m not quite sure where I’m going to plant the other flowers, but hopefully I’ll find a place!

  2. I would love to know more about your hoop house. How did you set it up, and was it super expensive? My husband has talked about building a greenhouse, but it seems way too pricey of a project.

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