Winter Sowing Lavender Seeds in Zone 6/7

Lavender can be one of the most frustrating plants that I grow from seed. All over the internet, you’ll see tales of growers who dream of rows of fragrance lavender, but have failed to get it to germinate. Fortunately for me, I had already discovered the winter sowing method when I first tried to grow lavender. Winter sowing lavender works exceptionally well.

In general, lavender seeds need a little bit of special treatment to get them to germinate. Most people who start them indoors recommend a period of cold moist treatment  before attempting to sow the seeds. Luckily for us, the winter sowing method will provide those conditions without any help from the grower. In addition to stratification, lavender seeds can take months to finally germinate. As far as winter sowing, our lavender jugs are “out of sight” and “out of mind”.

Lavender seeds are one of the very first things that I’ll begin to winter sow, in January. However, growers can plant them into milk jugs any time that the weather is still cold. When the time is right, the seeds will germinate and begin to grow. By the time spring arrives, and it is time for transplant, the seedlings will be quite large (if all has gone according to plan).

While lavender flowers are obviously the “star of the show”, simply having lavender in the garden is such a joy – even the foliage has such a beautiful scent! I think lavender will always be a favorite in my garden.

Winter sowing lavender has made a major difference for me – just look at the progress photo from last season.

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2 thoughts on “Winter Sowing Lavender Seeds in Zone 6/7

  1. I’ve never tried to grow lavender from seed, despite loving a seedy challenge. I’m intrigued what you mean by milk jugs?

    1. Yes! I use something called the “winter sowing method”. Basically, the jugs serve as mini greenhouses that start the seeds outdoors. It works so well! Thanks for reading! 🙂

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