• Mid February Hoop House Update – Growing Hardy Annual Flowers from Seed

    After quite a bit of cold weather, the mid February hoop house is looking a little rough. The plants have been covered with row cover for about two weeks straight, and are definitely starting to show signs of stress. Luckily, the weather is set to climb out of the teens and twenties. I’m really looking forward to some warmer temperatures inside the hoop. THAT’S IT FOR THIS POST. THANKS SO MUCH FOR READING. I TRULY APPRECIATE IT. IF YOU’D LIKE TO SUPPORT THE BLOG OR MY YOUTUBE CHANNEL, BE SURE TO CHECK OUT THE FRESHCUTKY SOAP SHOP! THANKS SO MUCH! Advertisements

  • Winter Sowing Echinacea in Zone 6/7

    Winter sowing echinacea seeds has proved to be a great way to ensure success in my yard. While I’ve never attempted to grow echinacea from seed using methods other than winter sowing, I can confidently say that it works! It makes sense that winter sowing echinacea would be a great way to get a head start on the season. Echinacea flowers are perennial, therefore, it’s possible that they need a little extra help to germinate. Sometimes this means cold stratification or exposure to consistent moisture. While I’m honestly not certain about the requirements for this flower, the process of winter sowing fulfilled them. I planted these seeds into winter sowing…