March Unheated Hoop House Update – Cut Flower Garden

Look at all those gorgeous flowers! I’m so excited to see this stuff bloom. I feel like this has been the longest winter ever.
Even though they’re blooming, the anemone flowers are looking really rough do to the repetitive frosts. I need to deadhead these and pitch them into the compost pile.
These anemone flowers haven’t been frozen yet. I just love how vibrant the colors are – definitely much needed while it’s cold.
The godetia (front) are looking really wild and bushy. I have no idea if this is what they’re supposed to look like, but I can’t wait to see them bloom!
The Icelandic poppies look absolutely battered from the cold weather, but they’re sending up flower buds! This will be my first time getting them to bloom in mass.
The sweet pea flower seedlings are getting a lot taller. Soon, I’ll need to help them find the trellis that I put up.
The stock flowers also look terrible. I really need the weather to warm up so that they can start to recover. It will be majorly disappointing if these don’t bloom.
Whoa! Those snapdragon seedlings are huge! These are seriously bigger than any other time I’ve tried to grow them. I’m so bad at flower farming.
Another look at the left side of the hoop house.
LOL – Can you spot the daffodil bulbs that I accidentally forgot to dig up…

It’s March – Unheated hoop house is finally coming to life! As I’ve already mentioned, it’s been cooler than normal here. That means that the progress in the hoop house is a little behind. Honestly, some of the plants look really bad. Nevertheless, I’m cautiously optimistic. Thanks for reading!

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