Winter Sowing Petunia Flowers

Winter sowing petunia seeds is a great way to grow a lot of flowers at a little cost. Let’s face it, bedding plants can be really expensive. Growing from seed not only allows us to save a little money, but it also gives a great selection when choosing which seeds to grow. The process of winter sowing petunia seeds is generally the same as winter sowing any other plant.

Since petunia flowers are sensitive to frost, I usually wait until mid March before starting the winter sowing process. By March, temperatures have started to warm enough to trigger germination, however, it is still a solid month away from my last frost date. This means that I’ll need to pay close attention to when the seeds begin to germinate.

Once germinated, I’ll need to protect the seedlings from any chance of frost. This can be done with the use of a row cover or frost blanket. After all chance of frost has passed in the garden, I’ll be able to transplant the seedlings into their final place in the flower beds.

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