Winter Sowing Dagga – Ornamental Flowers

Wild dagga is an interesting plant that I first found on YouTube while watching an older Sarah Raven video. In her garden, the plant reached about 5 ft tall, but it was so unique looking. The tall flower stalks are definitely different than anything else in my garden. Above everything, I knew that I wanted to grow it  because I’m always looking to add height and to attract hummingbirds.

If you’re searching for information about any actual properties of the plant – this isn’t the blog for you. I grow it strictly for looks. As always, thoroughly researching any plant before introducing it into the garden is so important. Gardening should be a fun and safe hobby for everyone!

To winter sow, I wait until around mid March here in zone 6b/7. Since these tropical plants are frost sensitive, they won’t germinate until the weather has started to warm and the time is right. Once germinated, make sure to protect them from any chance of frost.

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