Transplanting Onion and Leek Plants from Dixondale Farms

It’s time for transplanting onion and leek plants! I absolutely love onions and leeks. However, my record in growing said onions and leeks isn’t exactly the best. As a beginner gardener, my luck growing these crops was terrible. Everything I read had told me that I should grow onions from sets in the spring. Automatically, I assumed that this was the best course of action. A few years went by, and the results of my onion plantings was absolutely pathetic.

Once I discovered the winter sowing method, things started to shift in a much better direction. The first year that I winter sowed intermediate onions for my garden was also the first time I was able to harvest onions with some noticeable size. This minor success in the garden helped to me to approach planting onions in a new way – enter Dixondale Farms.

This year, I’ll be growing onions from transplants from Dixondale Farms. I received my plants in the mail around late March, and promptly planted them into the ground outside as soon as it was safe (about 6 weeks before the last frost in my area). To do so, I simply amended the soil well and carefully laid down my landscape barrier. Hopefully, I’ll be able to keep the weeds away.

So far, I am so pleased with the transplants! I chose the intermediate mix – which consists of Candy, Red Candy Apple, and Superstar onion varieties. I also purchased one bundle of Lancelot leeks to try my luck. I’m so excited to keep everyone posted on the progress of this planting!

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