Transplanting Lettuce into the Vegetable Garden

Transplanting lettuce is always one of my favorite garden activities. It’s not that I particularly love to eat lettuce, but rather, it’s always among the very first crops that I begin to transplant into the yard. In early spring, I can’t begin to explain how eager I am to get my hands into the dirt!

I started winter sowing the lettuce in the beginning of February. As you can see by the tray, I had a little bit of uneven germination for some reason. However, there were still more than enough lettuce seedlings that were ready to transplant into their final places in the garden. I’m always so happy with the results of winter sowing lettuce. The seedlings are large and robust, which makes the task of separating them insanely easy.

After they were transplanted, I made sure to give them a good watering. If the weather is too hot, the lettuce can wilt and look really bad after being put into the ground. However, I’ve never lost a lettuce plant at transplant time – they usually bounce back, and resume growth, within one week after planting.

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