Goldenrod Gardens Dahlia Review and Haul

The first dahlia tubers of the growing season have arrived, and to say that I’m excited is an extreme understatement. 

At the end of last year, I made my first ever order to Goldenrod Gardens. They offer an insane selection of really beautiful dahlia tubers. Unfortunately, I missed launch day for their dahlia sale and was only able to grab couple items that I really wanted to try this year.

This year I decided to order dahlia tubers exclusively from independent owners and shops. Supporting small businesses is really important. Additionally, I can only assume that most people who sell tubers love to grow dahlias as much as I do.

I’m really pleased with the quality of tubers that I received. While some of the tubers are very small, others are pretty large. This is to be expected when buying tubers, and shouldn’t be an issue as long the tubers have growth eyes. Each tuber was nice, plump, and showed no signs of damage.

Among the tubers in this order are the varieties called: Ice Tea, Sierra Glow, Sugar Daddy, Terracotta, Old Gold, Robinhood, Crichton Honey, and Kenora Lisa.

Though there is still a chance of frost in my garden, these tubers will be moved into the frost free hoop house. Hopefully, we’ll having some very beautiful dahlias soon! Thanks so much for reading!

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  1. I adore dahlias. Adore them! Goldenrod Gardens looks like a wonderful place to buy from. Thanks for the recommendation.

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