Stonehouse Dahlia Cuttings Review and Haul

Another day, and that means another package in the mail. Seriously, I’ve literally heard my mail man complaining about how many garden related packages I had delivered. Sorry! I just can’t help it.

Today, my box from Stonehouse dahlia cuttings came. Like many dahlia suppliers that I ordered from this year, this was a first. Stonehouse is distinctly unique in that I’ve never seen anyone sell the actual plant cuttings rather than the dahlia tuber. Upon opening the box, I found that each cutting was nestled into a cute little plastic container. While I wish there wasn’t so much plastic used in the shipping process, everything arrived safely and I definitely plan on reusing these containers.

The kind folks at Stonehouse even included a total of four extra cuttings that I didn’t even order. Two were the variety called ‘Elfie’ and the other two were of a type called ‘Stillwater Becky’. I’ve never grown either.

I’m honestly not sure of the differences between growing from tubers and growing from cuttings, but I’m more than pleased with the size of the plants that were growing from their little foam squares.

After getting my order, I quickly tucked this cute little plants into their own cups with some potting soil, gave them a good drink of water, and then moved them into the unheated hoop house to adapt to life in my yard. I’ll be transplanting these into their final locations as soon as the threat of frost has passed.

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