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Zinnias are one of the first flowers that I ever started growing. Growing zinnias each year is my favorite garden task! While some people write them off as “too easy”, I absolutely cherish the zinnias that grow in my garden. Not only are the flowers gorgeous, but they’re insanely tough. Here in Kentucky, they have no trouble with our hot and ridiculously humid summers. Even when the Japanese beetles arrive, these flowers will not fade. I love them!

Zinnias are also perfect for beginners, as there are so many ways to easily start the seed. While many may choose to start the seed indoors using grow lights and trays, there are some other options which I prefer. Zinnia seeds can easily be direct sown into a well prepared and weed free bed after all chance of frost has passed in your garden. If you’re planning to direct sow, I definitely recommend choosing one of the cheaper heirloom varieties. This will allow you to sow the seeds a little thicker without a high cost.

If you’re a little more experienced, or maybe want to grow one of the most expensive varieties, the use of the winter sowing method might be a good option. If you’re unfamiliar with the winter sowing method, I definitely encourage you to check out my videos about it. Basically, this method allows you to start seeds outdoors without grow lights. This year, I exclusively used this method in my garden and the results were amazing! I was able to start over 1,000 seedlings without almost any investment. Regardless of how you choose to start the seeds, zinnias require little care beyond planting.

In no time, you’ll be able to attract pollinators into the garden and create your very own fresh-from-the-garden flower arrangements. I especially love the vibrant color that even a very small patch of zinnias can add to the yard.

If you’d like more information about growing zinnias, be sure to check out the video below.

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