The First Cut Flower Harvest of the Season

With April in full swing, it’s time to pick some flowers. Here’s a quick look around –

I’m so pleased with these small vases. I’ve added some white ranunculus and some tulips that were too small for a regular vase. As it turns out, mint is absolutely wonderful when used as a small foliage. There are also some small pansies and johnny jump ups in here, too.

A vase filled with early peony tulips and Icelandic poppies. The colors are so soft and creamy – perfect for spring.

I think the combination of these tulips is just so perfect. The varieties are ‘Foxtrot’ and ‘Foxy Foxtrot’. I definitely want to grow these again. So lovely.

I also grew a variety of tulip called ‘Creme Upstar’. Those are the ones in the back bucket that are a very pale creamy yellow. Still very pretty!

My first time ever picking the Icelandic poppies. I still have a lot of learning to do with these. About half of the stems wilted, but the other half looked absolutely amazing.

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