Spring Bouquet with Ranunculus and Icelandic Poppies

At  a certain point in my gardening career, I started to realize that much of your success is simply related to what types of flowers you have available and whether or not you have access to an expensive camera. After years and years of blogging, I’ve learned to grow a lot of flowers and I’ve finally upgraded my camera. The more experience I get, the less I’m impressed with the the false realities created on the internet. Here’s a bouquet that I made recently on a whim. Despite my complete novice flower arranging skill level, it still turned out beautiful. I hope you like it.

The peachy salmon colored poppies are my absolute favorite. I think the correct term is “Champagne”, but I just call it “the peach one”.

The ‘Angelique’ tulips burst open over the last couple days while I was away. Technically, these are past picking stage but I still wanted to use them. Tulips have an insane vase life, so a few days past their prime isn’t the absolute worst thing that could happen. Besides, this shade of pink is absolutely stunning.

I also added some white ranunculus and some branches from my mulberry tree. There isn’t much foliage right now, so the branches work really well. Also, I was finally able to get rid of the aphids on my ranunculus by removing the plastic from the low tunnel. Sure, they’re exposed to the weather now – but no bugs!

2 thoughts on “Spring Bouquet with Ranunculus and Icelandic Poppies

  1. Your poppies are lovely. Did you plant your seeds last fall, or better yet, when did you plant them?

  2. I can’t thank you enough for this post. The first time I ever saw a Ranunculus was with my mother back in the early 1980’s. There was a great greenhouse on the south western side of Denver that was loaded with them. They grew them to ship to local retailers but you could go directly to them to purchase also. We visited them every spring until they closed to to progress in the area. That was a sad day but you brought back great fun memories of mom – thank you!

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