Winter Sowing Reveal for Tender Annual Plants

The hulless pumpkin seedlings were huge. In the past, I’ve had zero success with hulless pumpkins. However, by winter sowing, germination was 100%
Basil seedlings, pepper seedlings, amaranth seedlings, and zinnia seedlings!
Check out the germination on those hyacinth bean seedlings!
Tiny popcorn plants in the front and some nasturtium seedlings in the back.
The teeny tiny coleus are still growing strong.
Cantaloupe seedlings in the middle – with a little bit of grass somehow?
Cucumber seedlings in the middle – getting huge!
Nice and even germination of the marigolds.
The peanuts are up, and they look amazing!
A closer look at the petunia seedlings. As you can see, the germination was really uneven. I’m not sure why that happened.
The impatien germination was also very uneven. I can only assume it had something to do with the location of the trays.
Cathedral bells, or cup and saucer vine, 4/10 germination. I just can’t figure out the secret to success.

The winter sowing season has officially ended here, and I wanted to quickly show some of my transplants. I started these trays at the beginning of March to transplant into the garden. Usually when I winter sow, I have to watch for frost to make sure there isn’t any chance of losing my seedlings. Surprisingly enough, we only had 1 or 2 frosts during this time – perfect for starting seeds outdoors!

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