Tulips, Ranunculus, and Icelandic Poppies – Oh, my!


White and champagne colored Icelandic poppies from the variety called ‘Hummingbird Mix’.
A closer look at these pristine white ranunculus flowers. They’ve been opening really fast in the hot weather this spring.
Copper Image tulips are very unique looking. In person they look a little more “rusty.” However, they are a really gorgeous color and have the most enchanting fragrance.
I love this collection of flowers!

This growing season I’ve been really pleased with my progress in growing new things. Though ranunculus and tulips are garden favorites, other things like the Icelandic poppies are in full bloom. This year I grew a mix of colors, but these white and champagne colored blooms have quickly won my heart. Today, I wanted to quickly show you guys a recent flower arrangement that I made.

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