Ranunculus and Daffodil Spring Flower Arrangement

A big, fluffy pile of white ranunculus flowers. Many of these blooms are opening fast due to the high temperatures. It has been a lot of effort to keep these flowers picked a peak.

After a long spring season, the spring blooming flower bulbs are finally coming to a close. The tulips have come and gone. As the weather continues to warm, that means things like the daffodils and the ranunculus will also stop blooming soon. I hope you enjoy the photos of this recent flower arrangement that I was able to pick from the garden.

Some of the other flowers that I’ll be using in the arrangement. I absolutely love those daffodils.
Champagne colored Icelandic poppies from the variety called ‘Hummingbird Mix’.
A closer look at those mini daffodils. Unfortunately, I don’t know the name of this variety. It came in a part of a bargain pack of bulbs that I bought many years ago. These are so insanely fragrant! I definitely want to plant more!
The final arrangement! This one is definitely a little different, as there currently isn’t any filler or foliage in the garden. Having a tiny backyard is totally a negative when it comes to foliage options. Regardless, I think this one turned out to be gorgeous.

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