Clara Joyce Dahlia Order + Review

This year, I made it a point to order my dahlia tubers from independent suppliers, rather than from larger “big box” type retailers. This is important not only in order to receive quality items, but it means a lot. Since starting my own business, I’ve really wanted to start supporting real people who are trying to live their dreams.

This was my first ever order to Clara Joyce Dahlias, and probably also my last. I believe I placed my order for dahlia tubers back in January or maybe December. I really wanted to make sure that there was a good selection of tubers before they were all sold out.

A little bit of grey mold at the top, but the tuber is growing.
This ‘strawberry ice’ tuber is chopped in half, soft, and starting to mold at the top. We’ll see if it grows…

As it would turn out, when shipping time arrived – I was contacted by Drew from Clara Joyce who told me that many of the tubers in my order had been lost during storage. This especially sucked since the notification was so last minute. I was unable to find replacements for any of the tubers that I had ordered. Luckily, I was refunded for the money that I was out for the tubers. However, I don’t think I was refunded any shipping money – even though I only received half the tubers. I hope that makes sense…

Most of the tubers that I did receive were fine. Compared to some other suppliers, they were a little shriveled. Most of them had viable eyes, and I went ahead and planted them all anyway. We’ll see what happens. I was especially disappointed to see that one tuber looked as if it had been completely chopped in half and thrown into the plastic bag.

Final verdict – I won’t be ordering from Clara Joyce again.

3 thoughts on “Clara Joyce Dahlia Order + Review

  1. I hate it when that happens. I’ve had trouble with herb companies. Not sure where you are located but, I live in z6 KY. I left hundreds of dahlias in the ground over winter with 2-4″ of leaf mulch. Apprx 80 percent of them returned. They are anywhere from 6-18″ tall. I am stunned. Not sure how dividing tubers works, and my lazy method would impact that.

    1. I use Swan Dahalias and they arrived wonderfully packaged and marked and on time. They are healthy and green I can’t wait for bloom time

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