In Bloom: ‘Milas Mix’ Agrostemma

Agrostemma is one of my favorite hardy annual flowers for the cut flower garden. Even though they are considered weeds in many places, they behave themselves quite well when planted in my yard. Before planting, always make sure you’re reaching your growing area – just in case. Also, it should be mentioned that these flowers are toxic.

As in previous years, I grew the ‘Milas Mix’. I was able to get the seeds from Baker Creek, though last time I checked their website they were no longer being offered. Either way, the flowers within this mix come in a range of a darker pink/purple, light purple (the most common), and white (the least common). Though the colors in this mix aren’t uniform, they did grow extremely well.

Agrostemma are very cold tolerant here in my growing zone. For more information on that, you can check out the post that I made here on the blog about ‘How to grow agrostemma’. It should have many details that will be helpful.

Even if not grown for cut flowers, agrostemma are such pretty flowers for the flower beds. The only real issue that I have is when the wind is especially strong. Thunderstorms in my area can blow the entire flower patch down to the ground. Just something to consider. Thanks for reading!

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