Mid-Season Check-In

The season is well underway, and it has certainly been a wild ride. Though this is being posted at the end of June, it’s actually mid-March as I write this. I think this gives you some kind of better idea regarding how diligently I’ve been working to keep the blog and the YouTube channel updated. I’ve been so dedicated to trying to make social media a valid option when it comes to making money. Let’s face it though, it’s rare that an upload ever sees more than 100-200 views. It would be naive to say that I haven’t thought about just giving up.

April was one of the worst months that I’ve had in a long time. People I really love passed away, I lost both of my jobs to outsourcing, my car was stolen, I gained back a ton of weight that I had lost. Another really popular flower farmer also started making YouTube videos. I know that I should be happy and supportive, but deep down I can’t help feeling completely inept and unworthy of keeping my own channel going. It feels silly to write these things – but I think it’s really important to acknowledge feelings of doubt. Especially, since we now live in a world full of “perfect” social media accounts.

No matter how many pretty pictures I post, I’m always stuck comparing myself to other people who have faced a completely different set o circumstances in life. It’s unfair to yourself to do that. The only option is to keep going, and to keep doing what you love.

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  1. I’m sorry your month was so awful and I hope things are looking up for you. Please keep blogging! I love seeing what you do.

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