Peony and Lady of Shalott Roses with Chantilly Snapdragons – Cut Flower Garden

Planning a cut flower garden can be really difficult when you’re growing in a very small space. While I wish that I could grow everything, I do have to plan ahead in terms of what colors will match each other and which types of plants will be blooming at the same time. This year I mainly focused on having access to pink and purple flowers. Though I wish I could attribute this to my awesome planning skills, that simply isn’t the case. It was due to dumb luck more than anything else.

The light pink chantilly snapdragons have been blooming for several weeks now, and they’re quickly becoming one of my absolute favorites in the garden. They are so tall and beautiful. The dreamy pink pastel color also seems to fit in effortlessly into so many different arrangements.

I’ve also been picking the snaps like crazy, and they don’t seem to be slowing down. Some of the plants have even started to produce secondary offshoot flowers. I’ll never complain about any plant that is willing to give more than one flower bloom.

The Lady of Shalott roses are also in bloom this week. I only have two rose bushes, so it’s a special treat whenever I get to enjoy them. I definitely haveĀ  love/hate relationship with roses. I love their color, bloom, and enchanting fragrances. However, I absolutely despise their thorns. Like seriously, I hate rose bush thorns. Ugh.

I’ve also really come to appreciate bells of Ireland, and their ability to easily tie the colors of a bouquet together.

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