Canterbury Bell Cut Flower Arrangement – Cut Flower Garden

With many of the hardy annual flowers starting to finish up blooming, I’m continually surprised by how many bright pink flowers that I planted into the yard last fall. I think I may have been worried about the garden “matching”, because I went all-out for the pinks. The canterbury bells are no exception to my “pink flowers only” rule, as they have now started to show.

There’s a very subtle difference in the pink color of the chantilly snapdragons and the canterbury bells. The bells are definitely a couple shades darker, which I think, makes for a really nice contrast in the flower arrangements.

For this one, I decided that I would just pack the jar FULL of these two base flowers.

Next, I decided to add some greenery in the form of bells of Ireland and bupleurum. As a gardener, I always tended to ignore the need to plant different types of fillers and foliage. I’m really glad that I did a little bit of planning this year. As you can see from the picture, my mulberry tree has also started dropping fruits all over the place.

The last components that I wanted to add was some sweet peas. The sweet peas started blooming this week. They smell so wonderful, that I absolutely couldn’t resist adding them for a nice hint of fragrance. The varieties that I used are ‘April in Paris’ and ‘Elegance Lavender.’ Both cultivars are equally lovely.

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