Growing Annual Phlox; Another Try.

When it comes to gardening, and everything else, I can be pretty stubborn. I’ve tried growing annual phlox a couple times, and both times the results were disappointing. However, this year, I was much closer to success!

Just as I had done in previous years, I used the winter sowing method to start the seeds. After getting great germination, I transplanted them into the garden as soon as the soil could be worked. Since our winter was a little drier than normal, I was able to put the plants out around the middle of March. This allowed for plenty of time for the plants to become established in the cool weather and to produce nice tall stems.

This fall, I’m hoping to attempt to overwinter the annual phlox as a fall planted hardy annual. I’m not sure at all if this will work, but I definitely think that it’s worth a try. Stay tuned for an update!

One thought on “Growing Annual Phlox; Another Try.

  1. Hee Hee, I will ship you some of ours- LOL THEY WON’T STOP!! The first year we moved onto the farm it was August (late summer here in Colorado) and my sister decided to put in a ton of flower seeds along the front yard fence line. One was Phlox. That was in 2000. Here we are in 2019 and the suckers keep coming back. They have become a “weed” to us as they spread their seeds into EVERYTHING. So, be careful what you wish for – her’s was a flower-full front yard and now we have to beat back the Phlos to get others to grow – haha

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