Annual Phlox and Snapdragon Cut Flower Arrangement

When it comes to arranging flowers, I sometimes get caught up in the fact that I seem to think that vases must be bursting with flowers at all times. However, the phrase “less is more” can definitely apply in the cut flower garden. Even when available flowers are scarce, it is still possible to get creative and to make something that is absolutely gorgeous.

With the annual phlox in bloom, I definitely wanted to take the time to create something specifically suited to their colors. Unfortunately, that meant that there was also very little selection in terms of flowers. With the help of some foliage like cress and wheat, I think I was able to create something quite nice.

I started the arrangement with a base of snapdragons and mint. The mint is absolutely bonkers out in the yard right now. Luckily, it also works great as greenery in a vase. I love that the light pink chantilly snapdragons really compliment the ‘Cherry Caramel’ variety of annual phlox that is growing in the yard. 

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