In Bloom: ‘April in Paris’ Sweet Peas – Cut Flower Garden

Sweet peas have quickly become one of my favorite flowers. I’ll admit, in the past, I wasn’t so certain of their allure. But now, after several seasons, I think I’ve become a believer! This year, one of the main varieties that I grew in the garden is called ‘April in Paris’. They definitely did not disappoint!

These sweet peas have an absolutely enchanting fragrance. I always love when I can smell the flowers that are blooming from across the yard. In fact, they are easily the most fragrant of all the varieties that I planted this year.

As you can see, the blooms of this variety start out as mostly white. As the flowers age, the edges of the flower begin to progressively blush with a really soft lavender color. These look so delicate and feminine when used in cut flower arrangements, too.

There’s absolutely no doubt that I would grow this variety again. In fact, I might even let a few of the plants set seeds so that I can save them to plant again in the fall. It’s important to mention, as always, that these peas are lathyrus odoratus and are toxic. These are NOT garden peas.

I purchased the seeds from Renee’s Garden. Here’s an affiliate link to them, just in case you’d like to grow them also. Thanks so much for reading. I hope you’re having a great day!


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