Sweet Pea and Feverfew Cut Flower Arrangement

One of my absolute favorite parts of growing a cut flower garden is picking them! Today is definitely no exception, as the sweet peas are in full bloom. I couldn’t resist picking a large vase filled with these fragrant blooms before a thunderstorm rolled in. Let’s take a closer look, shall we?

I grew several types of sweet pea this year. This lovely blue/lavender color is elegance lavender. These seedlings overwintered in the unheated hoophouse super easily and grew on to be almost 5 feet tall. I’m so glad that I’ve finally gotten better results in growing sweet peas.

In this bouquet, I’m also using ‘Delft blue’ nigella or love in a mist. This is another hardy annual that will survive both in and out of the hoop house here in my yard. These are a little tricky to transplant, so I think I may just direct sow them when the time comes this fall.

The last flowers that I’ll be using for this arrangement is a little bit of wrinkled crinkled cress and some ‘white wonder’ feverfew. I bought this variety of feverfew from Renee’s Garden Seeds, and I absolutely love it. Seriously, this is the third year that I’ve grown it. I love the double flower form, and I especially like how the flowers bloom in these lovely sprays. They’re so perfect to use as filler in vases.

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