In Bloom: Ornamental Sweet Peas in the Cut Flower Garden

A few short years ago, I attempted to join a Facebook group specifically for cut flower farmers. After submitting a request to join, the response I received was that they group was only for “real” flower farmers. From that day forward, I decided that I would never call myself a farmer – I’d rather just be a gardener. And even if I have 300 acres one of these days, I sincerely hope that someone from this blog will remind me that a farm is nothing more than a big ol’ garden.

Some days, I feel like that woman was right. To start this whole flower adventure, I went on eBay and sold everything in my house practically. I made about $300 and bought a lot of things that I would need. The first couple years were dumb, but gradually things got better and better.

You may be wondering why I’m telling this story. It’s because of this post, and these beautiful photos of sweet peas. For me, sweet peas really do feel like one of those flowers that make me think, “maybe I really can do this.” They’re so delicate and feminine. The fragrance fills the entire garden, too. Sometimes, I just stand there and inhale. Maybe I’ll never be a farmer. Who cares? Look at these sweet peas!

One of the main varieties that I grew this year was called ‘Elegance Lavender’. The elegance series is day neutral, however, it still bloomed at the same time everything else did. So, I reckon it doesn’t matter for my needs.

I also grew another mixed packet of seed from the dollar store, which resulted in some really nice pastel colored blooms. I especially loved the pink colors.

If you wait until late in the evening, somehow the flowers begin to look so magical.

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  1. I totally understand! I have distant plans of having a flower farm, but for now I’m making do with my cut flower patch. With a baby on the way it’s a little tricky to start selling anything myself right now, but in the meantime I’m reading and experimenting and planning, in the hope that one day I’ll be able to ‘do this’ too. 😀

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