Summer Pastels Cut Flower Arrangement from the Cut Flower Garden

Sometime around the middle of summer each year, I always start to feel like I’m running out of flowers. Most of this comes from the fact that my growing space is so limited. Without any space, it’s impossible for me to succession sow. Once the flowers are done, there is usually a huge gap in time before whatever replaced them started to bloom. 

This means that I sometimes need to be creative. While things like the larkspur are very reliable, I often find myself looking for different types of fillers and foliage for my cut flower arrangements.

This season, I’ve been really experimenting with petunias. I’ve never seen anyone use petunias as cut flowers. As it would turn out, I’ve had some pretty good success using these heirloom open pollinated petunias in a vase. I’ll report more on that process eventually, once I have a chance to write down my notes. Regardless, the look so elegant and beautiful.

I also used some ‘Benary’s Giant Lilac’ zinnias in this flower arrangement. The lavender/pinkish color complimented the other components of this bouquet so well. I finished by adding some mint, and a couple stems of white and blue annual scabiosa flowers. I think it looks great. As always, this vase will be donated to my local nursing home. Hope you enjoyed this post!

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