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The hot and humid weather of summer is officially here. In fact, we’ve had a thunderstorm almost every day for the past two weeks. This means that the garden is filled with both weeds and with mosquitoes. Ugh! The mosquitoes are so bad. Anyway, let’s make a flower arrangement!

The last of the larkspur is finishing up in the yard. These are really the last usable stems, as the rain has totally battered the plants. The wind (and a rogue pumpkin vine) has almost completely flattened the entire cutting patch. Oh, well.

The hydrangea bush in the yard is also blooming. It had a grand total of three flowers this year – which I cut for this arrangement. I think it would be beautiful to have a home with hydrangeas all over the place. Maybe that will happen one of these days…or maybe it won’t. Who knows?

Matching the colors in the garden with these hydrangea flowers was actually really difficult. This time of year, the flower choices are kind of limited in my small backyard.

Luckily, I had some of these really nice lavender/bluish and white scabiosa pincushion flowers that have just started to bloom. I think their airy habit ended up looking really nice in tandem with the more structured hydrangea blooms.

2 thoughts on “Summer Hydrangea Cut Flower Arrangement – Cut Flower Garden

  1. I hope it dries up some for you. Pretty bouquet. Endless Summer hydrangeas just keep blooming like crazy until frost. We had some hydrangeas once that only bloomed on old wood. Try an Endless Summer it blooms on new growth.

    1. Thanks for the tip! I can’t wait until I’m able to move to a new home and plant more perennials! Sometimes I feel so stressed in the yard.

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