Bright Summer Purples Flower Arrangement with Dahlias and Zinnias

Undoubtedly, one of my least favorite parts of summer is the mosquitoes. Right now, it’s almost impossible to enjoy the garden, let alone go outside without being bitten by what feels like hundreds of mosquitoes. I can only imagine that this has been made much worse by the heavy rains this year. However, I was able to apply some repellent (and light a citronella candle) to make this summer flower arrangement from the cut flower garden.

The first flower that I picked was a large handful of the Benary’s Giant Lilac zinnias. These zinnias, in particular, are absolutely thriving this year. I’ve picked their flowers about four times so far, and they’re still looking great. I love this soft purple color.

My dahlias have also started to bloom. This large pink flower is from a variety called ‘Castle Drive’. I can’t wait until I have more dahlias to add to arrangements!

I also grabbed some ‘Amber Queen’ dahlias. These seem like they aren’t as large as they should be. However, I could definitely be wrong, as this is the first time that I’ve ever grown them.

‘Benary’s Giant Wine’ and ‘Benary’s Giant Salmon’ Zinnias

The ‘Jomanda’ dahlias are also among some of the early bloomers. I couldn’t help but snip the blooms and add them to the vase.

‘Zinderella Lilac’ Zinnias
Making a cut flower arrangement….next to a citronella candle.

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  1. Lot of people are scare of bats but may I suggest you or someone put up a few Bat Houses in or near your garden.. They will die to help protect you from these pesky misquitoes

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