Harvesting New Potatoes from the Garden

Attempting to grow potatoes is another one of those “frustrations” for me in the garden. Every year, I decide that I want to grow them, and every year I know that I shouldn’t. Foremost, I don’t have enough space. I also don’t have enough patience.


Each March, I start planting with such great expectations. The truth is, however, that by the time late July comes – I’m ready to eat. In addition to being extremely hungry for a harvest from the garden, July is also a very valuable time with it comes to rearranging plantings and to starting hardy annual and biennial flowers which will bloom in the cut flower garden next spring.


This year was no exception, as these potatoes quickly got harvested before they were ready in order to make room for some biennial sweet william flowers that I had started in a seed tray. Overall, I’m not terribly disappointed. After all, I will greatly enjoy this crop of scrumptious new potatoes.


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One thought on “Harvesting New Potatoes from the Garden

  1. Yours look great. Such a good feeling to walk from garden to house, cook a potato, and relish it, knowing it’s organically grown. The taste is much, much better than store bought potatoes.

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