The ‘Hot Mess Express’ Flower Arrangement – Cut Flower Garden

In general, I try really hard to post consistently here on the blog and over on YouTube. After all, building some kind of online persona isn’t easy. Well actually, it may come really naturally for some people – but, not me. I’m scatter-brained and socially awkward. Some days, I definitely feel the stress when I know that I need to make more content. This particular day, it really seemed like I had a lot going against me. Most notably, it was hot. Like, really hot. Unfortunately, as I picked the flowers for this cut flower arrangement, most of them wilted almost immediately. Here’s hoping that I’ll have better luck next time.

These dark flowers are from the ‘Johnny’s Mix’ scabiosa from Johnny’s seeds. Though I think many gardeners would consider these flowers to be “black”, they’re actually a really deep beautiful shade of purple/burgundy. The white bits make them exceptionally stunning. As it turns out, the bees also really love these, too.

These light lavender/blue scabiosa flowers also came from the same mix. While some may not think these colors would work well together, I swear that they totally do. You’d be surprised how well that blues and reds can get along together in a vase of cut flowers.

Next, I picked some coleus. This is the coleus that we started from seed way back in April using the winter sowing method. This stuff started to wilt almost as soon as I cut it. Usually I have good luck with using it for cut flowers when the weather is cool. Maybe it needs some kind of special treatment?

After the scabiosa and the coleus, I added some love in a puff vine, red shiso, and ageratum. The red shiso, like the coleus, began to wilt almost immediately. I suppose that it is best to use it for cutting when the weather is cool also.

I can’t help but feel disappointed with this flower vase, as it definitely had so much potential. Perhaps I’ll have to try this combination again on a day with cooler temperatures. Thanks so much for reading!

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