Simple Annual Flower Arrangement from the Garden – Cut Flowers

Every once and a while, I’ll make a cut flower arrangement that I really like. While most of my favorites feature “fancier” flowers like peonies or ranunculus, this one is different. I really enjoyed making this vase of flowers because of the simplicity. Not only does this one turn out it be beautiful, but it features easy to grow annual flowers that are a breeze for beginners. In fact, every single flower in the arrangement can be direct sown from seed after all chance of frost has passed. Awesome!

I planted these bedding marigolds in the spring using the winter sowing method. The germination rate was absolutely amazing, and I literally have marigolds in every corner of the garden. Since these were originally intended for bedding (and not cut flowers), I ended up cutting most of the entire plant for the vase, including all the buds and leaves. Luckily, marigolds are extremely robust and do not wilt easily.

Next was the addition of ‘Bright Lights’ cosmos. If picked at the right time, these flowers will easily last a couple days in the vase. I think their strong wiry stems give the vase a really nice texture. Not to mention that the bright orange color goes exceptionally well with those marigolds.

‘Golden giant’ amaranth was also added for even more interest. Here in the yard, I always space my amaranth extra close to produce smaller plumes that are easier to use in flower vases. As you can see, these are the perfect size. Since, it’s summer, it’s practically impossible to avoid the damage done to the leaves by the flea beetles. Those leaves are stripped off before the flower is put into the vase.

That’s it! So easy. I know a lot of people don’t tend to like bright orange flower arrangements, but I really love how this one turned out. Thanks so much for reading!

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