In Bloom: ‘Benary’s Giant Lilac’ Zinnias in the Cut Flower Garden

One of the more disappointing aspects of not having a legitimate flower farm is that I never seem to have enough space. While, I’m extremely thankful for the space that I do have – I just wish that I had a little more. This is especially true when the time comes to plan which varieties of zinnias that I’ll grow in the garden.

Most of the varieties of zinnia that I grew this year were in shade of purple. One of my favorites were the Benary’s Giant Lilac that I started from seed and then transplanted into the yard.

I usually consider lilac to be more of a lighter shade, but these zinnias are very much just purple. When the flowers are just opening, they tend to look more lavender. As the flower ages, the color usually starts looking a little bit darker. Regardless of the time that they are picked for cut flower arrangements, the Benary’s giant  lilac  zinnias  are  great!

In addition to being the much welcomed pop of color in the summer garden, these zinnias are beloved by the pollinators. Even during the hottest parts of summer, there is always an abundance of insects. Some days, there are so many bumble bees that it becomes difficult to cut the flowers for the vase!

Have you ever grown Benary’s Giant Lilac zinnias? I’d love to hear all about it in the comments below! Thank you so much for reading!

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