Dahlia + Amaranth Cut Flower Arrangement from the Cut Flower Garden

By the time mid summer rolls around there’s always a lot going on in the garden. It’s hot, the mosquitoes are terrible, and the grass is usually knee high. It’s not that I don’t want the garden to look nice, it’s just that the conditions can feel absolutely miserable any time that you’re trying to get things done. This is yet another one of our flower arrangements that was made on an extremely hot and humid day.

My main motivation for making this cut flower arrangement was the dahlias that were in bloom. Dahlias are very limited in my garden because of space. However, these Bracken Palomino dahlias were just too beautiful to ignore. Ideally, I would have let them open more; but the presence of Japanese beetles made me grab them up for a vase as quickly as possible.

I also picked two different varieties of amaranth. The bronze colored one is ‘Golden Giant’ amaranth, and the green is ‘Aurelia’s Verde’ amaranth. I bought both of them from Baker Creek. You’ll also notice that the flower heads are relatively small. This is because I intentionally planted them very close together. This size is perfect for using in small jar posies.

The planting of hardy annual scabiosa flowers is nearly done blooming now. Before they were finished, I made sure to pick a really lovely handful of these light blue/lavender flowers. I really hope to overwinter more scabiosa next year.

I finished the arrangement by adding a little bit of love in a puff vine and some sunflowers. These sunflowers were just some scrawny little side shoots that grew after I had cut the Pro Cut Brilliance flowers.

This definitely isn’t my best work, but sometimes you’ve just got to try. Yes, the weeds are high. However, the yard is still filled with flowers that are beautiful.

Surprisingly, it turned out that I really loved this combination of colors. The soft oranges and yellows blend perfectly with the lavender scabiosa. For whatever reason, this one reminds me of something that should be used to decorate a country cottage. I’ve never even been to a country cottage! Thank you so much for reading!

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