Dark Dahlia Flower Arrangement – Cut Flower Garden

When it comes to growing dahlias, I am the absolute definition of “beginner”. They don’t seem to like my weather very much, and I definitely neglect them. Sometimes I completely forget to water them for weeks at a time. Despite my neglect, I am always so incredibly thankful when some of the plants come into bloom. Here’s a closer look at recent bouquet that I was able to collect from the cut flower garden.

Unlike the dahlias, the ageratums really love the conditions in my yard. These are either ‘Red Flint’ or ‘Red Sea’ ageratums. I honestly can’t remember which cultivar I ordered this year. Regardless, I love the rich dark purple color.

As it would turn out, the ‘Black Beauty’ dahlia plant grew so well! During the hottest part of the summer, I was so happy to find that one bush was covered in blooms. Ironically, I didn’t even order this one. It was included as a free gift from the cutting order from Stonehouse Dahlias. Awesome!

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