DIY Hoop House for Cut Flowers – Year 2 Update

One of the most game changing aspects of the garden for me has to be the addition of the unheated hoop house. I constructed this one made out of pvc last fall. I’m happy to say that the structure survived the summer, and it’s now time to cover it for another growing season this winter. 

Being totally honest, there are some parts of the structure that look pretty rough. Specifically, I’ve gone through and secured all of the pvc joints with tons and tons of duct tape. It’s not glamorous, but we’re on a budget. It might not be the prettiest thing ever, but as long as it gets the job done – I’m not going to complain about it.

Like last year, I’ll be securing the bottom of the plastic to the ground using landscape fabric pins. This did the job quite well last year, with exception of one VERY STRONG thunderstorm which tore the plastic in few places in the spring.

The actual plastic will be held in place with pvc snap clamps and twine. The idea is to pull the plastic as tight as possible (without ripping it, of course!).

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