December Hoop House Update – Hardy Annual Cut Flowers

It hasn’t been long since I transplanted the hoop house. At the time, I was feeling pretty pessimistic. I was nearly certain that the things I planted wouldn’t grow. Now that it’s December, it’s really interesting to see just how much things have actually grown.

The flower beds are filled with a random assortment of flowering hardy annuals. In the photo above, you can see some calendula (top) and tricolor salvia (front, textured leaves). The row on the left side is pretty unorganized. This is mainly because I direct sowed most of these plants. The flowers on the right are planted much more neatly.

Whoa! Look at all those bells of Ireland seedlings! The plants have really gained size over the last couple weeks. To date, I’ve never been what I would consider “successful” at growing this plant.

Check out these sweet pea seedlings growing down the center row. Admittedly, they’re already a lot taller than last year. I’ll still need to pinch them in the spring, so I’m just letting them grow however they please – for now.

Another view down the length. On the right, in the very front, you can see the ranunculus. I planted SO MANY this year. I’m really hoping that they will be a riot of color. Beyond that are the scented stocks. So far, the heavier agribon fabric has really helped them.

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