January Polytunnel Update – Cut Flower Garden

It’s a new year! That means that it’s time to take a look into the hoop house and see what’s growing right now. There’s definitely some good and bad things to report. Let’s check it out –

The sweet peas in the middle of the hoop are getting pretty tall. The sweet pea seedlings are also in battle with the weeds. As soon as the weather starts warming up, the peas will climb up the trellis above them. Hopefully, the weather here will remain nice and mild.

The experiment with the freesia in the hoophouse is basically over. While some of the plants in the ground are still alive, the ones in the container are done. What a bummer!

I’m so pleased with the ranunculus. I’m really hopeful that we’ll have some really beautiful blooms in the spring.

While a lot of things are looking good, the stocks are in trouble. I’ve lost nearly all of the stock plants due to some kind of white mold. I’m not exactly sure what’s going on, but I’m started opening the tunnel as much as possible to better regulate the humidity. I sure do hope that some of the plants make it!

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