Azaleas and Camellias – Spring Blooming Flowers at Eden Gardens State Park, Florida

Flower tourism is something completely new to me. I used to see signs for botanical gardens, and think to myself – soooo boring! Since my garden obsession has developed – I can’t believe what I was missing. Recently, I was able to visit some family that lives in Alabama. We made a short drive to Florida to visit the beach for the day, and check out Eden Garden State Park. It was so pretty, I couldn’t help but take some photos to share here. 

I’ve never like ferns, honestly. Having now seen them planted in a huge mass, I think that I really dig it! Seriously, look at all these lush ferns!

I love the texture as the leaves overlap with each other.

When we visited, the house wasn’t open for tours. Seriously though, look at that double porch – not to mention the azaleas and sprawling live oak trees covered in moss. This is quite possibly what southern landscape dreams are made of.

Yet another BEAUTIFUL azalea hedge.

Numerous camellias were also still blooming. I’m fairly certain there are some camellias that are hardy to zone 6. Looks like that’s another plant I’ll be adding to my own garden wish list.

These pink and white bicolor camelias were my absolute favorite. From a distance, they appeared to be a lovely salmon color.

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