Goldenrod Gardens Dahlia Tuber Haul

One of my main goals this growing season was moving to establish a dahlia garden. That means I’ve been ordering a lot of new varieties for the garden. Though my record with dahlia growing isn’t the best, I’m really going to hone my skills this year.

All of my tubers from Goldenrod Gardens came wrapped in this little bag with pine shavings. Are these pine shavings? I’m honestly not even sure. Irregardless, I was so happy to see that they all looked nice and healthy.

I ordered a total of five tubers – all of varying size. I know some people get hung up on size, but dahlia tubers can vary so wildly. The varieties I purchases are Robinhood, Ferncliff Copper, Robann Butterscotch, Snoho Jojo, and Valley Rust Bucket.

This tuber is a perfect example. Even through it’s very small, it’s absolutely loaded with growth eyes.

I’ve always been pleased with my tubers from Goldenrod. I seriously wish I knew their storage secrets, as the tubers were plump and firm. I’m so eager to start growing.

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