My First Foray into Split Corona Daffodils

I’m definitely not a stranger to daffodils. In fact, daffodil bulbs were one of the first garden-related investments that I ever made. Roughly five years ago, I bought a huge bag of mixed daffs. In that bag, there were a few doubles and a couple smaller flowered jonquil types – but generally nothing fancy. Enter the split corona daffodil –

Also known as butterfly daffodils, or sometimes called split cup, these things are gorgeous. I bought a mix bag last year from the Tulip World website labeled ‘Butterfly Daffodil Super Mixture’. At $11.00 for 25 bulbs, I couldn’t resist. I won’t lie – I love a good bargain. Fairly frequently you’ll see these bulbs on offer for around $1.00 each. I should also mention that I was really impressed with the size of the bulbs when I planted them. I’m sure that there’s a video about it somewhere on my channel.

As it would turn out, the term “mixture” was definitely used a little loosely. I would say that roughly 97% perfect of my flowers turned out to be these orange split cups. The other 3% consisted of the combinations of white and yellow; and a few really lovely white and salmon colored ones. I’m waiting super patiently to get some pretty photos of those!

Even though the mix was a little lopsided, I’m far from disappointed. Having been my first time growing this particular type of daffodil, I’m fairly certain that there will be many more of them in my future.

Have you grown split cup daffodils before? What did you think? Any specific varieties that I should check out orĀ  begin to grow? I’d love to know all about your experiences in the comments below! Thanks so much!

2 thoughts on “My First Foray into Split Corona Daffodils

  1. I have one split cup daffodil that came up on its own this year. I have no idea where it came from. It is blooming now and is lovely. My neighbor, who has hundreds of daffodils on her property, saw mine yesterday and also was amazed, as she has none like it at all.

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