‘Silk Road’ Tulips: The First in Bloom this Spring!

One of the main reasons that I started blogging and making videos, doesn’t even really have anything to do with wanting to teach people to grow things. I was SO TIRED of seed catalogs. Seriously, I would plant something based on the photo, and the plant wouldn’t look anything like it! I wanted to create a place where people can get a more accurate idea of what their gardens will really look like – ‘Silk Road’ tulips are an example of this.

Overall, ‘Silk Road’ is not a bad variety of tulip. These definitely show up early, a full two weeks earlier than last year’s double tulips. It’s also worth noting that it’s hot outside. Seriously, it’s 87F in March. I’ve learned to expect anything. I have both my snow shovel and bikini at the ready.

Anyway, this variety of tulip is advertised to range in color from cream to a raspberry-maive color. Some of the blooms should even have had some pretty pink stripes/veins.  Perhaps due to the heat and how suddenly they came to bloom; mine are cream. Just plain, regular cream.

Originally, this variety was not on my shopping list. It was sent as a replacement for a pack of ‘Normandie’ tulips that were out of stock (or something, I can’t remember. Though not exactly what I had imagined, they look lovely in the garden and I have enjoyed using them in cut flower arrangements. Of course, there’s a post on that coming soon.

I had hoped that the flowers will continue to gain color as they age, as some types do. Unfortunately, this was not the case. Have you grown ‘Silk Road’ tulips before? I’d love to hear all about your experiences in the comments below. Hope you’re having a great day!

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