The First Flower Arrangement of the Season

Things this spring have been totally hectic. I’ve been trying to stay on track, but it seems that nearly everything is unpredictable. After massive losses of plants in the hoop house over winter, I’m just looking forward to a few weeks of beautiful tulips.

The base of this flower arrangement is ‘Silk Road’ variety of double tulips. If you saw the last post, then you’re already familiar with the struggles of the hot weather and the early bloom time of certain cultivars.

The tulips are going to look absolutely perfect with those split cup butterfly type daffodils that we picked. I known a lot of people tend to avoid arranging flowers with bright yellows, but this combination just works so well together. Besides, it’s spring – it’s the perfect time for bright yellow flowers!

Last, but not least, we have the addition of mint. I think people often get hung up on the idea that an arrangement needs a lot of different flower types to look pretty. This vase has only three components. While the tulips are a one-time bloom here in my garden, the mint and daffodils will come back for years and years.

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