My New Favorite Pink: La Vie Double Tulips

Anyone who’s been following along here on the blog or on YouTube, will know that I absolutely love pink flowers. More specifically, I love planting anything that straddles the line between pink and salmon. It was certainly no exception when I picked ‘La Vie’ double tulips to grow this spring. I thought the picture in the catalog looked nice, but once again – it didn’t look anything like this.

La Vie tulips, as they bloom in my backyard, are hot! The catalog photos showed a muted color, these things are seriously bright. Mostly pink, with subtle hints of coral, these tulip flowers are practically glowing whenever the sun shines on them. Admittedly, they give my ‘Angelique’ tulips a run for their money in terms of my favorite pink.

I realize that intense, high saturated colors aren’t everyone’s favorite. I tend to gravitate towards them in the spring. After so much cold weather during the winter, I can’t help but want to plant a flower that virtually screams “SPRRRRIIINNNNGGGG!!!!!!!!!!!!!!” when it finally blooms.

Rather than having solid petals, each one consistently has a noticeable white vein the goes up the middle. Though the petals are solid pink, the white streak in the middle definitely adds an element of extra dimension and visual interest that I really like.

I think I may store some of these tulips in the fridge to see if I can preserve them until the peonies start to bloom. This pink sure would be beautiful in a vase filled with peonies. Oh well, I’ll keep dreaming about it! Have you ever grown La Vie before? I’d love to hear all about it in the comment below!

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