Spring Apricot Flower Arrangement with Tulips and Daffodils

Ah, yes. Now that the daffodils and tulips are in full bloom, I can’t help but feel like it’s finally the start of the growing season. That also means that it’s time to start making flower arrangements. Here’s a quick look at another one that I recently put together using only daffodils and tulips. Unfortunately, there’s really not much growing in terms of foliage right now. 

You’ll remember from my other post that I grew a really pretty split cup tulip mix this year. While most of the flowers from that mixture were yellow and orange, I did manage to get a few flowers that are apricot colored. My best guess is that this variety is called ‘Apricot Whirl’. Of course, I’m not entirely certain – so don’t quote me on that.

For this flower arrangement, I’m using Angelique tulips and Mount Tacoma tulips. This bucket has actually been in the spare fridge about two days. That’s something I’m experimenting with this year. So far, it’s working well – but I’m sure I’ll make a more detailed post about it eventually.

I’ve managed to lose a lot of my vases since last year. I really need to buy some new ones. At first, I wasn’t really sure whether or not the pink color of the tulips would mingle well with the salmon colored daffodils. The more I look at it, however, the more I like it!

I know that a lot of “real” flower farmers wouldn’t think that this arrangement looks very professional, but I love how simple it is. Not everything needs to be fancy or elaborate to bring joy to others. I’ll be giving these flowers away. Hopefully, someone will love it very much.

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