April Garden Update: Flowers are Blooming!

I realize it has been several weeks since the last time I posted any kind of update. The fact of the matter is, I’ve just been really focused on making sure that I got all the photos and video that I needed for other content. Though the concept of taking pictures of flowers is really simple, sometimes I do get overwhelmed by it – especially in my tiny backyard. It seems like I’m always tripping over something or stepping on something. Okay, enough complaining. Let’s get started. 

Yikes! This certainly isn’t the best picture, but it does show just how many tulips are patiently waiting to burst into bloom. The early and mid season tulips are just about finished. These late doubles are all that’s left. I’ve really been focused on picking them early and then storing them in the spare fridge that I have in my basement. So far, the stored blooms are holding up well. I’m really interested to see how long they’ll stay fresh for arrangements.

The anemone flowers have really started to produce – like crazy. Though I only have roughly 30 plants this year, I’ve been cutting flowers for vases every single day. I would love to pick them early, but our hot weather makes them open right up.

The arrival of longer days also means that the ranunculus have started to bloom. While I haven’t officially picked any yet, I know that time is right around the corner. We had a lot of trouble with mold in the hoop house this year, so I was really happy to see that some of the ranunculus survived and are trying their best to bloom. I appreciate them so, so much.

So, check out this grouping of single tulips. Last year, I bought a mix called ‘Pastel Shades’. I’m not exactly sure who put this one together, but I definitely don’t consider bright red and hot pink to be pastel. Oh well, I’ve enjoyed watching them bloom nonetheless.

The last of the “winter sowing” trays have been moved into my miniature low tunnel. Additionally, the dahlia tubers have been potted up. I wasn’t sure whether or not many summer flowering bulbs would actually arrive, but I’m happy to say that most of them made it. For now, I’m still daydreaming about having a farm of my very own.

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