Muy Caliente! Orange and Red Tulip Flower Arrangement

With tulip season in full swing, I’m back with another cut flower arrangement from the garden. It doesn’t seem like its very often that I see vases filled with bright hot colors like red and orange. While I definitely agree that they can sometimes seem harsh, that doesn’t mean that they shouldn’t be celebrated. This year, I planted some really beautiful ‘Orca’ tulips. I knew that I needed to use them!

These are the ‘Orca’ tulips. I had actually picked them over a week ago. I had been storing them in my spare fridge. They’re not in the best shape, but totally usable to create this bouquet for my own enjoyment.

You may remember that our last post showed that ‘Pastel Mix’ of single tulips that I planted. Today, I went through and picked all of the red ones with yellow tint on the petals. After closer inspection, I noticed some really pretty green markings on the outside, as well. Though not technically what I ordered, I’m not mad about it by any mean.

Check out the vase of ‘Orca’ tulips. The bright orange flower was a late bloomer (just picked) and the others were from storage. I can’t believe the color difference! It will be interesting to see if the color of the other flowers are affected that greatly.

Lastly, I felt like adding some anemones. Early in the season, I always find it so difficult to use these. With their vibrant colors, I always start to worry that the anemone flowers may not blend in with the others. Not to be deterred, I added them anyway. After all, that’s the fun of making your own arrangements.

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