‘Olivia’ Tulips or ‘Brownie’ Tulips: You Decide.

Last fall was pretty exciting for me. Thanks to wonderful readers and viewers, such as yourselves, I was able to purchase several different varieties of tulip bulbs. Having place an order a couple different online stores, I ended up purchasing varieties called ‘Brownie’ and ‘Olivia.’S

Since I’m totally an unorganized person, I took extra care at planting time that every single variety would be labeled correctly. In the past, I’ve just tossed the bulbs into the ground without marking them. While this technique doesn’t bother me, it’s not exactly helpful for people who read the blog.

The flowers were marked as ‘Brownie’ tulips. Imagine my surprise that the flowers are insanely orange – like neon orange. Have searched online, I haven’t been able to find a single picture that looks like mine. While the ‘Olivia’ tulips have yet to bloom, I can’t help but wonder if I’ve had some kind of mix up.

Perhaps I’m worrying for no reason. This picture better shows the unique color surrounding the underside of the petals. Maybe the coloration has something to do with the weather this year. What do you think?

4 thoughts on “‘Olivia’ Tulips or ‘Brownie’ Tulips: You Decide.

  1. They are beautiful whatever they are called. Perhaps a fortunate accident as they appear more beautiful than a tulip named Brownie deserves to be.

  2. My guess is Olivia because the images online of the Brownie tulip, although beautiful, earns it’s name from the brownish hue of the exterior petals.

    1. It took quite a bit of detective work – but I think what I ended up with is the Queensday double tulip. I actually grew Olivia from Dutch Grown, as well. It was definitely very different than the “surprise” tulip that I ended up with. Both were so beautiful! 🙂

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