Abstract Art: When the Colors Don’t Match…

Okay, being honest – I’m struggling! At the moment, I feel like I’m stuck in that weird part of the season. Since my space is limited, I don’t grow many perennials. In the case of early spring, that means I don’t have very much foliage and filler to work with. With armloads of tulips, I’m forcing to pile them into a vase and hope for the best. 

For this arrangement, the “pastel” tulips are making another appearance – this time, they’re hot pink. To be fair, I really do like these pink tulips much better than I did those red ones. Only time will tell what other colors will show up in themix.

Next, we’re going to add those supposed ‘Brownie’ tulips that I mentioned in my last post. For this arrangement, I really wanted to try a color combination that I hadn’t experimented with before.

So far, so good. I think the combination of the pink single tulips really tied in nicely with the somewhat pink hue around the outside petals of the Brownie tulips. It was at this point that I decided that I should try something totally unexpected.

Anemones! These ‘Mr. Fokker’ anemones should go quite nicely! After all, aren’t they opposites on the color wheel or something? I never had art class growing up. My teachers were absolutely convinced that I was illiterate. So instead of art, I was forced to go to “reading van” everyday.

Finished! It’s definitely not my best work, but it’s just so refreshing to do something different. I think that this combination would have been absolutely gorgeous had I had a little extra mint on hand, or maybe even some mulberry branches. What do you think? Do these colors work together? I’d love to hear all about it in the comments below.

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