Up Close with This Year’s Anemone Flowers

I didn’t order many anemone corms last year. On a tight budget, I could only afford to buy a small handful. Now that spring has finally arrived, I can only feel like I’m so disappointed that I didn’t order more. Though very little in quantity, I did manage to get my hands on some more hard to find varieties. 

So far, this bloom has been one of my favorites. The variety is ‘Bianco Centre Nero’. Most blooms of this type are a vibrant white color with the dark center. Though the blooms are white, the undersides of the petal commonly have some pinkish coloring. This particular bloom was lightly tinted pink in its entirety. So pretty!

Ignoring the few weeds that managed to get themselves into the photo, I really love the vibrancy of the ‘Mr. Fokker’ anemones. These lavish looking shades of blue were among the very first anemone flowers I ever grew. I still love them.

Of the De Caen anemones, I think that the red shade is the one which is most difficult for me to use in flower arrangements. They’re so bright and saturated with color. Other than some bright red tulips, I honestly have no clue what flowers would look nice with these in a vase. Irregardless, I’ll probably  keep growing them. I seriously have a gardening addiction.

These are the second of two types of white anemone flowers that I’m growing this year. Unlike the Bianco Nero anemones, ‘The Bride’ anemones bloom pure white with a lovely chartreuse center.  

Though my anemone patch is small this year, it continues to produce multitudes of large happy blooms. Have you ever growing anemone coronaria before? I would love to hear all about it in the comments below! 🙂


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